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We are a member guild of quilters and related needle artists in Chicago's Southland.  Since 1979, we have come together for the benefit of our members and other organizations within our communities.  We strive to achieve our common goals while encouraging the aspirations of our individual quiltmakers, artists and craftspeople.

We hold our meetings in Glenwood, IL, and our members come from all over Northwest Indiana and Northeast Illinois.  Our 120+ members are uniquely talented and creative.  We have beginners, award winners and everything in between; the young of age to the young at heart; traditional quilt makers to fabric artists.

 “The Perfect ‘Awwwwww' ”

A true story from our annual Boutique that captures one reason we sew...

“One of our members sewed, stuffed, and assembled a baby’s cradle, complete with a fabric baby tucked away inside.  Two young sisters, ages five and two (well, almost two, according to Grandma), were looking around that section of the displays when the five-year-old picked up the cradle and studied it a bit before getting her little sister’s attention and handing it to her.  The little one held it close and made that sound, a perfect “Awwwwwww.” You know what a perfect "Awwww" sounds like.  The sound rises and lowers and floats in front of you for a while. Then, being a savvy almost-two-year-old, the little one ran up to Grandma, who was at the checkout table settling up and talking to the Guild members there, held the cradle up so Grandma could see it and said, “Baby.  Baby.” There were a good half-dozen Guild witnesses to that part of the story and they all, just like when they practice their “Alleluia Chorus,” replied perfectly with their own “Awwwwww.”

2024 At A Glance
(To see all events, click here)

February 14
Tory West, Wooly Designs
Tory West Needle Holder

March 13
Coleen Merte, Northwater Quilts 
Walking Foot Quilting

April 10
Gloria Stahlhut, Quilted Glo
"Creativity with Hot Fix" 

May 8
Quilt Challenge

June 12
Spring Luncheon

July 10
Chris Lynn Kirsch
"Gone to the Dark Side"
Workshop:  Seminole Sampler

August 9
Annual Charity Sew

September 13


November 12
To be announced

December 11
Holiday Party


What We Learned in October...

(Barn Quilts)

Barn Quilt Collage.png

What We Learned in  November... (Chenille Technique)

What We Learned in  January... (Triangle Frenzy)


What We Learned in  February... (Clockwise Pillow)


What We Learned in  March... (Cuddle Fabric)


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