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Vendor Instructions - Quilters Plus 2023 Holiday Boutique


Welcome!  If you're interested in becoming a vendor for this year's Boutique, you're in the right place.  Our policies and procedures are listed below.  You can submit your application online, via email or in person to one of the organizers.  Please keep this information handy as you'll need it at the time of the Boutique; click here to download the pdf with all this information.  


Faith United Methodist Church, 15101 S. 80th Avenue, Orland Park, IL  60467


Thursday, November ___:  2 PM to 5 PM - Vendor check-in

Friday,  November ___:       3 PM to 6:30 PM - Early Bird Sale ($3 admission)

Saturday,  November ___:    9 AM to 3 PM - Open Sales;  4-5 PM:  Vendor Pick-Up


Debbi Sumner

708-407-8431 (h)
815-685-8948 (c)

Sandy Roos

708-341-4410 (c)

Policies and Procedures

Application and Approval:

Before you can be accepted as a vendor, a picture and description of your items must be submitted to Debbi Sumner.  To be approved, items must be handcrafted.  If your items contain more than 75%?? manufactured goods, we cannot accept them.  Our customers rely on our reputation as a quilting guild that makes quality handcrafted or handmade items only.   If you have participated as a vendor in the past, this step is not necessary. 

We will accept vendors applications starting July 1.  Click here to complete and submit your application. 


You will be asked to submit an Inventory Sheet upon check-in.  Please make sure your contact information is correct on the Inventory Sheet.  Click here for a pdf form which you can print and complete or fill in on your computer.   Please do not create your own but print more pages instead.  We encourage you to retain a photocopy of your completed form for your personal record.  Click here to see a sample of a completed Inventory Sheet.  

Pricing Items:

Securely tag and price each item before you deliver them for check-in.  VERY IMPORTANT:  Each tag must include a highlighted vendor ID# and number of the item.  See the example to the right.  Upon check-in, each of your items will be checked for this format before items can be accepted.  If not in proper order, you will be asked to step aside to make corrections.  
Please use sales tags that are appropriately sized.  Small tags on small items (like ornaments) to allow them to be showcased.
Please use round numbers for prices (such as $1.00, $2.25, $15.50...)
Bring a bin with your vendor number clearly visible on the top and side to store extra inventory.  If possible, please use an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet with your vendor number in a font point size of at least 60 as this will help with the tear-down process.  Please plan to leave your bin with us and we will store it until pick-up.



Unsold items will be available for pick-up between 4-5 PM on Saturday, November _____.  You will not be allowed into the sales area until our volunteers have completed the sorting process.  All items must be sorted by vendor before check-out begins.  An announcement will be made when check-out can begin.  Volunteers with the original Inventory Sheet will work with the vendor to compare the inventory that is unsold.  When check-out is complete, vendors will be allowed to take their items.  Please be patient through this process.  We will do our best to sort and check-out items as soon as possible.

Commission and Payout

The amount of your payout depends on your status.  Vendors who are members of Quilters Plus will pay 20% of the marked price as a commission on all sold items; Non-members will pay 30%.  Payout checks for the balance of your total sales will be mailed to you in December.

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