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A Brief History of Quilters Plus

On August 8, 1979, Quilters Plus held its first meeting at Freedom Hall, Park Forest, Il. with original members: Margaret Hanson, Audery Lambertson, Paula Shapiro, Mildred Wahlert, Jane Wetzel, Barb Kapost, Millie Young, Martha Dixon, Cel Kempke, Pat Anty, and Maria Jaquez. Our group's name reflected our members' varied craft interests, and our logo, the log cabin block, honored our Illinois heritage of Lincoln, born and raised in a log cabin.  With dues at 50 cents a meeting, we pushed together tables and chairs, worked on projects, and taught each other techniques.

By June 1980, we moved to Flossmoor Village Hall to accommodate our growing numbers and to provide a venue for programs.  Our first speaker, Mary Jane Carlson, had no contract or pay, and a member provided free room and board.  As our membership grew, so did our need for more space.  A move to the Presbyterian Church in Chicago Heights was followed by our current home at the Blakey Center in Glenwood.

In 1989 we staged our first quilt show.  By 1986, needing funds for programs, service projects and rent, we held our first Holiday Boutique in member Pat Kilbur's home, then for four years in member Mary Diemer's home.  From 1992 to 2015 we rented Flossmoor Community Church's Community Center for the Boutique; after that, we moved to the much larger space in Orland Park's Faith United Methodist church.  Showcasing our handmade items, the Boutique succeeded in fundraising and promoting our Guild.

Quilters Plus has developed community service projects such as baby quilts and hats for the local hospitals, and wheelchair quilts and bags for veterans' and nursing homes.  Every December we collect school supplies for our local district and perform other outreach services on an ad hoc basis.  As a group, we constantly develop artistically and technically, always with an eye out for sharing our knowledge and benefitting our communities.  What started in 1979 as a small group of quilters and crafters has developed into a wonderful organization that welcomes everyone as it celebrates needlework and so many other arts.

Presidents of Quilters Plus

1979-80       Audrey Lambertson

1980-81       Jane Wetzel

1981-83       Barb Kapost

1983-84       Audrey Lambertson

1984-85       Diane Mettler

1985-86       Karen Leath

1987-88       Pat Kilburg

1989-90       Eunice Garrison

1990-93       Paula Shapiro

1993-95       Debi Swanson

1995-97       Shirley Jacobs

1997-98       Lynn Burke

1998-2001  Jean Fuley

2001-03       Delores Janowiak

2003-07       Grace Srbeny

2007-09       Susan Tinburg

2009-13       Roberta Taylor

2013-16       Kim Hogan
2016-17       Roberta Taylor

2017-18       Lenore Guajardo
2018-19       Kim Hogan

2019-21       Kathy Beaudoin

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